You are currently viewing And the winning badges for 2021 are…

And the winning badges for 2021 are…

At Transworld’s Haunted & Attractions Tradeshow that took place May 3-6 2021, we let attendees vote for the winning badges that we will produce this year. These will be over and above some we already have in the pipeline.

And the winning badges are…

Four badges had the majority of votes from all the attendees and social media voters (they were allowed to vote for multiple badges!):
Most Improved, Team Leader, Costuming and an alternate version of the 5 Years of Haunting badge!

Winning badges 2021 - Most Improved
Winning badges 2021 - Team Leader
Winning badges 2021 - Costuming
Winning badges 2021 - 5 Year haunter (round)

NOTE: The designs might change, so keep an eye on our social media to see any votes and polls we have!

What are these badges really for?

As you may have seen from our other Scareit Badges, these embroidered badges, aka patches, resemble the Merit Badges that Scouts, Guides and Rangers earn based on their skills and achievements – much like gamers earn achievements when playing a video game.

Most Improved

This badge should go to the top 1-2 actors that went from rough around the edges to improving to a point that they are as good as any veteran actor at your haunt. Give them the pride that their hard word, taking advice, and learning how to entertain or scare the customer was worth all the effort.

Team leader

This badge is for those individuals who lead a group of people. Whether it’s your stunt leader, volunteer coordinator, an acting mentor, or the lead in a section of your haunt. Let them know that their leadership is noticed and appreciated.


Like our other Skills badges, the Costuming badge has gear logo and a red rim. These Skill badges signify the individuals are parts of the team that create and keep the haunt running. Obviously, this is for the Costuming team!

5 Year (round)

Our Five Year badges are awarded to those haunters that have served your haunt for 5 Years, and new ones are awarded every 5 years. This round version is an alternative to the 5 Year Stripe, but has the same meaning.

What about the other ones?

Two other badges that we had people voting on will be published as buttons. The Prop Recycler button – for those that repurpose props, or build them out of other found goods – and the haunt Pets – for those pets that are either part of your haunt, dress up in costumes, or the owners of these pets – will remain as buttons for this season. Please let us know if you think they should become embroidered badges in the future!