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After seeing a bunch of Boy Scouts assembled in an airport waiting to head out to a camp, I remembered I worked hard to get the merit badges I saw them all sporting – almost as hard as I do at the haunt every year, but I didn’t get a badge for doing that.

I decided that needed to be changed. I conducted a survey and it appears that haunt actors and management would like to be recognized for their hard work.


Awards and Acknowledgements

Reward your haunt actors and staff for a job well done​

Yearly badges for your haunt team - whether they only worked a few days or every day of your season.


A variety of badge designs to reward your Scariest, Creepiest or even those who made people pee themselves!


The what, where, when, who, why and how of badges - or ask questions if we didn't answer something

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Find out where you can see us in person, online, and have us visit you and your Haunted Attraction and team

Only 48%

of haunt actors are paid

Almost 96%

are seen by the customers

Open 15

nights per season on average

18 Staff

On Average per Night


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