2019 Very Deadicated


🎵 That’s cause everyone here is just more than
Contented to be living and dying in three quarter time. 🎵
Reward for 75% attendance through the haunt season, at attractions that are open 6 or more nights.


Comes mounted on display card with the following information on the back

Very Dead-icated

Thank you for being one of our most dead-icated ghouls this season! We could not have run this without you and your spookiness.

Wear it, Scareit!

This 1.5 inch round badge can be either sewn on, or ironed on to many fabrics.

Not for sale to individuals, available only as haunt owner package purchases

Requirements: Having 75% attendance in the 2019 Haunt Season at a haunted attraction that is open for more than 6 nights. Awarded by Haunt management.
Badge availability: 2019, pre-order, delivered in September 2019

Additional information

Weight .5 oz