5 Year Round


You see me now a veteran, of a thousand startled screams. All the scars are on the insides, and forever I will haunt them in their dreams!
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5 Year Round

An alternate to our 5 year stripe badge. With 5 years in the industry, you deserve to be noticed, so wear this merit badge on your sleeve, jacket, beanie or wherever.

Wear it, Scareit!

This 1.5 inch round badge can be either sewn on, or ironed on to many fabrics.

Available to all who have worked in the haunt for 5 years

Requirements: Be a 5 year veteran of your haunted attraction or retail location.
Suggested placement: Military branches usually place in-service stripes on the forearm of left sleeve. Alternately, having multiple scratches on your back would look pretty cool, don’t ya think?
Badge availability: 2021, delivered in August 2021

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