Haunt Staff Badges


Haunt Staff badges show everyone what your position is at the haunt. Especially effective if you and the rest of your team have matching jackets or shirts!
They are iron-on and come in many different titles. 2 colors (Blood Red and Slime Green) for each.

Manager | Makeup Crew | Build Crew | Costume Crew | Staff | Haunt Master | Scare Actor



These iron-on Haunt Staff badges come in 7 different styles and 2 colors.
Whether you wear them on your sleeve or above your pocket, everyone will see your role when you add it to your haunt’s work shirt or jacket. They are even more impactful when your whole team is wearing matching shirts, each with your haunt name and position, plus several of our other Scareit Badges on your other sleeve!

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Staff, Build Crew, Costume Crew, Haunt Master, Makeup Crew, Manager, Scare Actor


Blood Red, Slime Green