Recognize, Reward and Retain Your Team
Embroidered iron-on badges for your staff & scare actors
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Yearly Attendance

Yearly Attendance Awards keep actors coming back and reward them for sticking through the season, or multiple seasons.

Actor Awards

Reward your top and most outstanding actors for being the creepiest, scariest, or making the most customers pee!

Skill Rewards

Let your team show where their talents lie - whether they are the makeup team, build crew, volunteer or behind the scenes

Buttons and More

Skill and novelty buttons are a cheaper alternative than badges and include designs not available elsewhere.

Why Reward Your Actors?

From studies we’ve conducted to psychological reports, simple recognition and rewards go a long way to breeding loyalty with your staff. Reward your staff with badges and buttons to have them proudly coming back year after year, recruiting other new actors, and trying to be the best actor out there.

Where to Wear Them?

Even though these were designed after seeing Boy Scout and Military uniforms with their awards, we don’t have specific places that our badges or buttons are to be worn. Sure, we have some suggestions – badges on shoulder, 5-year stripes on a sleeve or cuff – but wear them anywhere that you like, whether it’s your battle vest, beanie or a backpack!

Package Pricing - save when you buy larger orders quantities

Small Package

Home or small haunts with a few actors
$ 45
for 10 badges
  • Or save 10%
  • Minimum 10 badges

Medium Package

Medium sized haunts with several actors
$ 100
for 25 badges
  • Or save 20%
  • Minimum 25 badges

Large Package

Larger attractions with several actors and staff
$ 175
for 50 badges
  • Or save 30%
  • Minimum 50 badges
Save More

XL Package

Large staff or multiple attractions
$ 300
for 100 badges
  • Or save 40%
  • On 100 badges or more
Huge Savings

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