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Reward your haunt actors and staff for a job well done
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Highlight your most dead-icated staff for the 2017 Season – limited quantities available

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Crowd Favs

Do you have a few actors that are crowd favorites – just like your youngest child is your favorite?

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See Us At HAuNTcon 2018

HAuNTcon 2018 will be in New Orleans, LA, from January 12-15th – seek us out early in the event for a special prize.

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Coming in 2018 we will be launching a Kickstarter Campaign. Here”s a sneak preview.

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Give them what they want, and they'll come out for it.
Merit Badges for Haunters (and soon, horror fans)

After seeing a bunch of Boy Scouts assembled in an airport waiting to head out to a camp, I remembered I worked hard to get the merit badges I saw them all sporting - almost as hard as I do at the haunt every year, but I didn''t get a badge for doing that.

I decided that needed to be changed. I conducted a survey and it appears that haunt actors and management would like to be recognized for their hard work.

Plus, I thought it would be fun to be a member of an exclusive club and wear my affiliations and interests on my sleeve.

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  • by the customers

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Just a couple of guys trying to make it in this world


Founder, designer, slave driver
From weird ideas through design and implementation, plus packaging and distribution north of the border and world-wide, Darryl has his hands full.

Brian Foreman

US Packaging, Distribution and Treasury
As the US based partner, Brian tackles packing and distribution of most of the orders and just keeps everything running.

Haunter Recognition Survey

Survey from May 2017

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